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Կիրակի. Մանկատան երեխան ժամանակավոր լուծում չի ուզում (video)


test (video)


Րաֆֆի Հովհաննիսյանը տեսաուղերձով հանդես եկավ (video)


Սեյրան Օհանյանը կուսակցությունների առաջնորդներին հրապարակային քննարկման է կանչում՝ ԼՂՀ հարցով (video)


Chief of intelligence, commander among casualties of Azerbaijani side: record

The press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Artsakh presents two pieces of footage proving the subversive penetration attempt initiated by the adversary in the eastern direction on February 24-25 overnight. The first footage shows in the direction of Akna

  1. Usage of “Tropa” demining system by the adversary
  2. Explosion of grenade launchers and other large-caliber weapons used by the adversary
  3. Retreat of the adversary’s intelligence squad

The second video shows in the direction of Martuni:

  1. Activities of penetration of the adversary’s subversive intelligence group and their neutralization by the Armenian forces
  2. Casualties of the adversary (5 bodies). According to the DA information obtained by relevant services, Azerbaijani AF 181st brigade Chief of Intelligence, Major Abdulayev, Commander of the brigade’s intelligence unit, Senior Lieutenant Ashimli Shakhlar, scout Adehuseynov and two more servicemen were among the casualties.

Besides the footage, here is also a record of phone conversation from the adversary’s camp.

Մենք բնազդով ենք ժողովրդավար. Վարդան Օսկանյան (video)


Greeks move from Lori marz to Shirak

When and why did Dina move from her birthplace to Gyumri? How did she get used to the Armenian atmosphere- from Greek to Armenian?

Tsayg TV company journalist Ani Baghdasaryan revealed the difficulties the woman faced and the secrets for mastering Armenian traditions.

MFA: “We once again draw the attention to the strict necessity to sober up Baku”

In defiance to the calls of the international community, the demands of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries to strictly adhere to the 1994-1995 ceasefire agreements and to refrain from the use of force and threat of use of force, last night the incursion attempt by the Azerbaijani side on the Line of Contact between Azerbaijan and Artsakh, is Baku’s another blow to the efforts by Armenia and the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries exerted towards the peaceful settlement.

While continuing attempts to undermine the agreements reached in Vienna and St. Petersburg on creation conducive conditions for the advancement of the negotiation process, Baku intentionally escalates situation, initiates new provocations.

We once again draw the attention of the international community, and first and foremost, the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries to the strict necessity to sober up Baku and to bring it to the reality.


“Source of corruption is customs checkpoints”

Today at the first conference of Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian alliance “Heritage” President Raffi Hovannisian addressed members of the conference via video message, during which he said, “Today marks the birthday of great commander Andranik and with his power today we gathered. During the upcoming weeks we will prove the people that the victory is in unity.”

Former Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan was met by the members of the conference standing. He noted in his speech that today we don’t have a right to make a mistake, as the matter is the security of the RA and Artsakh, “To lead all the pre-election discussions from the point of view of security, do not walk into trap of populism and baseless promises.”

He also announced that he will answer all the questions and will present the main directions of their alliance, “Why did I enter the politics being a non-partisan and a soldier; the answer is clear- my decision is based on the conviction that all the chances of Armenia have been exhausted with the current system. It’s a turning point for us. I have never struggled for a post; I will not conceal, I have been offered different high positions, which I refused. The highest position of my life was fighting on the front line 25 years ago, standing by people and soldiers, later I have never took off my military uniform.

As of my relations with the current authorities, I can say that I don’t have personal problems with anyone. But today I cannot see myself in the current authorities, as our approaches of facing future challenges differ, we need new political elite, new atmosphere among the people.”

In his speech he highlighted army, current problems and his vision, “Anthropocentric work and fight against corruption are priority. We should increase the number of contractual servicemen in three years and make their salary AMD 240 000. Military service will become more attractive by this.”

He publicly called on the leaders of all the political forces to present their vision on the issue of Nagorno Karabakh conflict, “The balance between the RA and Azerbaijan should be kept, boost so called people’s diplomacy for creating atmosphere of mutual trust. April War showed that it disrupts the negotiations process. During the conflict resolution there shouldn’t be winners or losers, or unilateral concessions, as a result of that we cannot reach long lasting peace between the nations.”

Shadow economy, source of corruption, according to Seyran Ohanyan, is border checkpoints, “The RA monopoly starts from here and the economic changes should start from here.”

Footage from actions on the Line of Contact

MoD press secretary Artsrun Hovhannisyan on Facebook posted a footage and explanation in connection with the actions on the border.

The first circle shows launch of “Tropa” demining system. The second once shows dust after its launch, as well as retaliatory fire by the Armenian side. The third part shows escape of Azerbaijani units under the fire of the Armenian side. The footage shows the actions in the direction of Aghdam and Akna.

And at the end bodies left in Martuni section can be clearly seen.

AYB FE + 24 02 17 (video)


Azerbaijani side opens fire in the direction of Tavush

Azerbaijan takes revenge for losses sustained in Artsakh on cows in Baghanis, press secretary of the MoD Artsrun Hovhannisyan writes on his Facebook page.

The Azerbaijani side opened fire in the direction of pastures of bordering Baghanis village of Tavush marz. As a result of shots two cows died and the posts weren’t affected.

To remind, on February 25, at about 03:00 and 04:00 in two directions, south-eastern (Martuni) and eastern (Akna), of the Line of Contact the adversary, using relevant equipment of demining and special means, initiated an attack. The DA vanguard units, also thanks to observation devices, in both directions spotted the advancement of the Azerbaijani units and threw them back, causing losses. As a result of retaliatory action by the vanguard units of the army, the adversary sustained losses and casualties. Several bodies are in neutral zone. The Armenian side doesn’t have losses and casualties.

At the same time, according to the reliable information of the DA relevant structures, in the eastern direction movement of the adversary’s forces and equipment is noticed.

The DA vanguard units continue confidently keeping the entire border line under full control and are ready to give a relevant counterattack to any provocative action by the adversary.

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”

At the first conference of Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian alliance today member of the alliance, “Heritage” Vice President Armen Martirosyan announced that besides political prisoners there are prisoners of conscience in Armenia, “Freedom to Arthur Sargsyan, who brought bread. The man, who brings bread, shouldn’t be arrested. For years the authorities have been engaged in plunder. I will fight for this alliance with clear conscience till the end, as Mr Ohanyan and Mr Oskanian were ready to cooperate with all the oppositionists.”

He says that the changes should be made the way that as people say “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”. Then he started listing Vartan Oskanian’s, Raffi Hovannisian’s and Seyran Ohanyan’s political, state activities, highlighting their positive sides and praising the path they passed, “We have knowledge, experience and will. All that must be used for fundamental changes.

Electoral lists published

The electoral lists of 5 parties and 4 alliances registered for April 2 parliamentary elections have been published in the website of the RA Central Electoral Commission (www.elections.am) .

You can get acquainted with them here

“Challenges developed into threats”

The first conference of Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian alliance kicked off in Sports and Concerts Complex after Karen Demirchyan.

Heritage Vice President Armen Martirosyan opened the conference, noting that they are starting their campaign, “We are starting a struggle, which will take Armenian out of this hard crisis situation. There are no challenges in Armenia; they have developed into threats. The sense of responsibility, which led Seyran Ohanyan, Raffi Hovannisian and Vartan Oskanian, is appreciable, and the long years’ service they carried out for the state, should convince us that this is the alliance, which not only wants or can, but also has the most important- will.”

Then he read their agreement.


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