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Is Turkey joining EAEU? PR campaign or a new threat to Armenia?

Shirak Torosyan, a member of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Relations, member of the RPA faction, believes that Turkey’s statements on joining the EAEU are propagandistic, and have some purpose to sting the EU partners. Earlier, Turkish Economy …

Bako Sahakyan convoked working consultation on organization of solemn events dedicated to 26th anniversary of Artsakh Republic

On 21 August President Bako Sahakyan convoked a working consultation on organization of solemn events dedicated to the 26th anniversary of the Artsakh Republic. National Assembly chairman, head of the state commission on organizing and coordinating solemn events to mark …

Yenokavan has no migration, it has immigration

The village of Yenokavan in Ijevan, where more than 600 residents live, not only does not have migration but also has immigrants from France, Iran, Yerevan, and Russia. Some of the grandchildren of this village, who live in foreign countries, …

At least one dead after car crashes into bus shelters in Marseille

At least one person was killed and another was injured when a van crashed into pedestrians waiting at bus shelters in Marseille on Monday, French police have said. Police said the vehicle’s 35-year-old driver was arrested in the Vieux-Port neighbourhood …

‘I am afraid aggravation of Russian-American relations to lead to Minsk Group function performance failure’, political scientist

Political scientist Aghasi Yenokyan is sure that there are no preconditions for the resumption of negotiations in the context of the meeting of the Armenian and Azerbaijani Foreign Ministers scheduled for September. “There are no significant changes that could have …

French presidency gives Brigitte Macron official role, but no salary

The French presidency said Monday that Brigitte Macron, the wife of President Emmanuel Macron, would have an official role representing France but would not be paid or have her own budget or staff. France 24 reports. A proposal by Macron during campaigning …

Perch Zeytuntsyan passes away

Prose writer, playwright, publicist, translator Perch Zeytuntsyan died in the 79th year of his life. His works include “Sounds of Our Neighbourhood”, “After Us”, “For Paris”, “The Saddest Man”, “The Last Dawn”, “Stand Up, the Court is Coming”, “Jesus of …

Putin appoints Anatoly Antonov as Russia’s new ambassador to US – Kremlin

Moscow has selected Anatoly Antonov, a career diplomat specializing in defense and security issues, as its next ambassador in Washington. Antonov replaces Sergey Kislyak, who was painted as a shadowy spymaster by those targeting the Trump administration. RT reports. “According …

Survey: Majority of respondents associate increase in violence with impunity atmosphere asked its readers what they believe is the reason for the increase in violence in the recent period. The survey participants had 5 options: “impunity atmosphere”, “unbearable heat”, “it has always existed, but not much has been written on …

US suspends procedure of issuing nonimmigrant visas throughout Russia as of August 23 More:

The United States will suspend its procedure of issuing nonimmigrant visas in Russia as of August 23, in Moscow this procedure will be resumed on September 1, the US embassy has announced. TASS reports. “As a result of the Russian …


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