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A database entitled the “Wall of Election Falsifiers” has been developed

To help enhance the integrity of election process in Armenia, “Policy Forum Armenia”, Transparency International Anticorruption Center

Georgian MoD Responded to Information on Transportation of Ammunition to Armenia Via Georgia:

The Georgian Ministry of Defense has responded to the information on transportation of ammunition to Armenia via the territory of Georgia, informed.

Funeral of Arthur Sargsyan

Today people bid the last farewell to Arthur Sargsyan who died after surgery following his hunger protest in prison where he appeared after taking food to the members of Sasna Ts’rer during the police station standoff.

March 22 Is Unlucky for Samvel Babayan: He's Arrested for the 2nd Time

Today the National Security Service has arrested the ex-commander of the NKR Defense Army Samvel Babayan for an attempt to smuggle an Igla zenith rocket complex to Armenia.

Joint Statement of Seyran Ohanyan, Raffi Hovannisian and Vardan Oskanyan on arrest of Samvel Babayan

Today the former Minister of Defence of NKR, the army commander of Liberation Army, Hero of Artsakh, lieutenant general Samvel Babayan was detained by National Security Service.

Three Arrested for Smuggling Rocket, Including Samvel Babayan

The National Security Service informed today that three people were arrested form smuggling an Igla zenith rocket to Armenia, including the statesman Samvel Babayan.

1237 Photos and 184 Films for Aurora Competitions

The application process of Aurora Short Film and Photo Competitions is over.

U.S. Resolved Issue of Turkey's Non-attack Against Armenia

The U.S. policy on the South Caucasus has not been clarified, the Americans are trying to align their strategies with their three neighbor countries of the region.

EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Trade Agreement Was Pre-signed

On March 21 the Armenian minister of foreign affairs Edward Nalbandyan met with Deputy Managing Director for Europe and Central Asia Luc Devigne and Petros Sourmelis, Head of Unit of the Trade Directorate.

Deputy Prime Minister of Artsakh Resigned

On March 20 the president of Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan accepted the resignation of the deputy prime minister of Artsakh Arthur Aghabekyan.

Ministry of Energy Responded to Lukashenko

The Armenian Ministry of Energy has responded to the statement of the Belorussian president Alexander Lukashenko on detecting radioactive substances on board the plane flying from Armenia to Europe via Belarus.

Unless Armenian Government Lacks Brains and Nerve: Azerbaijan's Losing Its Positions

It is hard to tell whether Azerbaijan continues to rely on oil and gas for its claims in international relations but no serious actor has ever taken Azerbaijan’s such arguments seriously and will ever do.

Lukashenko: Radioactive Substances Were Found on Board the Place Flying from Armenia

Alexander Lukashenko announced that attempts are being made to cause tension inside the country, BELTA informed.

International Bloggers Forum took place in Stepanakert

Over 30 bloggers from 11 countries are taking part in the International Bloggers Forum which is being held in the Republic of Artsakh on March 19-21.

Police Dispersed Protest on Republic Square

The citizens went on sitting protest today at the house of government demanding to bury Arthur Sargsyan in Yerablur. The police dispersed the protest.

Azerbaijan Fired Over 350 Times at Armenian Posts

On March 18 and in the night of March 19 the enemy breached the ceasefire at the line of contact between the armed forces of Artsakh and Azerbaijan firing over 350 times, using firearms of various calibers.

Rally and March in Support of Arthur Sargsyan: Video

Rally and march in support of Arthur Sargsyan: video by

Dutch Court Sentenced Askin for Hate Speech Against Armenians

The court of Netherlands has found guilty Ilham Askin, the chair of the Turkish-Azerbaijani Cultural Union in Hague.

Deterioration of Arthur Sargsyan's Health Might Be Related to His Arrest: Advocate

According to the advocates of Arthur Sargsyan, the aggravation of his disease and death could be directly related to the conditions of his detention.

Rally and March in Memory of Arthur Sargsyan

A rally has been called on Freedom Square in memory of Arthur Sargsyan.

1 million dollar to AUA Students from Aurora Initiative

Students from five Middle Eastern countries will receive scholarships to study at the American University of Armenia between now and 2023, as part of the Aurora Gratitude Projects.

Turkey Failed: Ankara Wasn't Expecting U-turn

Turkey would not make such a noise in the European countries had the “European project” been valid.

Prosecutor General Assigned Investigative Committee to Investigate Death of Arthur Sargsyan

The Prosecutor General has assigned the Investigative Committee to investigate the death of Arthur Sargsyan who was one of the people accused of the case of the police station standoff.

March of Protest in Memory of Arthur Sargsyan

A march of protest is happening now in Yerevan in memory of Arthur Sargsyan who died today due to heart failure after 25 days of hunger protest followed by surgery.

Putin and Sargsyan Made Joint Statement on Artsakh

In the framework of his official visit to the Russian Federation, President Serzh Sargsyan met today with the RF President Vladimir Putin.

What Caused Arthur Sargsyan's Death

Arthur Sargsyan died from complications during surgery on intestinal rupture, the deputy director of Armenia Medical Center Arsen Grigoryan told

To Stay or to Leave? Serzh Sargsyan Is Preparing the Folder of Guarantees

Does Serzh Sargsyan intend to be nominated for the position of prime minister after leaving the post of president? Serzh Sargsyan continues not to answer that question.

Snipers of Artsakh Defense Army Destroyed Two of Enemy's Video Cameras

The snipers of Artsakh Defense Army have destroyed two video cameras of the enemy. They were installed behind the posts of the enemy in different directions.

Iran-Armenia Railway Is Gone

Answering the question about the Iran-Armenia railway, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan announced that time will show whether there is logic to build the railway or not.

Once Azerbaijan Recognizes Self-Determination of Artsakh, Other Issues Will Be Resolved Quickly

The armed forces of Armenia have the combat capacity and everything that it takes to ensure the security of the borders of Armenia and be the guarantor of the security of the population of Nagorno-Karabakh, Serzh Sargsyan stated.


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