Jun 28, 2017


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Counterstrikes of Armenian Forces

The author of the TV program “In the Positions” Arshak Zakaryan has published a video on Youtube. He notes that this is a footage of the counterstrikes of the Armenian forces to the enemy.

It's Obvious What the Governance System Is and Will Be

Interview with Member of Parliament Vardan Bostanjyan, Tsarukyan Faction

EU Hasn't Allowed European Commission to Negotiate Nord Stream 2 with Russia

The ministries of energy of the EU member states did not mandate the European Commission on June 26 to start negotiations with Russia over the layout of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

State Budget Deficit was 278 Billion Drams

The economic activity of Armenia last year totaled 0.2% against the planned 2.2% and against the actual 3.2% in 2015, the president of the Central Bank Artur Javadyan stated.

Armenian Forces Can Prevent War: Chief of General Staff

The Chief of General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces Movses Hakobyan assures that at the moment there is no tension at the border.

Armenian Forces Followed Azerbaijani Drill

Azerbaijan has recently held a military exercise which was entirely followed by the Armenian side, the chief of general staff, Lieutenant-General Movses Hakobyan told journalists on June 26.

EaP CSF Armrnian national platform statement

On the Importance of Critically Assessing the Situation in the Country

Azerbaijan Gave up on Azerbaijan

According to the Turkish media, the Turkish minister of economy Nihat Zeybekci visited Kars where he announced about free trade with Nakhijevan.

Transfers to Armenia Increased by 44 Million Dollars

The total volume of transfers to Armenia has increased by 44.554 million USD over the past one year.

Mercenaries Started Returning to Azerbaijan, Russia and Other CIS Countries

Colonel General Andrey Novikov said during an address to two UN Security Council committees, that more than 7000 citizens of the member countries of the CIS are currently on a wanted list for terrorism-related activities.

Azerbaijan Has Received Modern Arms from Russia

Russia continues the planned supply of modern military equipment to Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani ministry of defense informed.

Government's Response on U.S. Statement on Possibility of 8 Billion Dollar Investment

The Armenian ministry of energy and natural resources has made a statement on layout of Iran-Armenia and Armenia-Georgia power transmission lines.

Person who Appeared in Azerbaijan Had Conviction and Mental Issues

The person introducing himself Zaven Hovhannes Karapetyan who has appeared in the territory of Azerbaijan has a past conviction and mental issues.

NK Conflict Is Constantly on MFA's Agenda: Zakharova

The issue of settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict remains on the agenda of the Russian ministry of foreign affairs, the spokesperson for the Russian MFA Maria Zakharova stated during the press briefing, Armenpress informed.

Attempted Attack at Line of Contact: Enemy Had Four Deaths and Retreated

In the night of June 21 and in the morning of June 22 the Azerbaijani special troops undertook a reconnaissance-in-force at the line of contact.

Statement by Spokesperson Maja Kocijancic on Fatalities in Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

Recent violations of the ceasefire resulting in further fatalities on the Line of Contact in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone are a stark reminder that the status quo is unsustainable.

President Posthumously Awarded Narek Gasparyan Killed in Artsakh

The president of Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan has posthumously awarded Narek Gasparyan the Medical of Combat Service for bravery in defending the state border of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, the Artsakh Republic President’s office informed.

EU Ambassador's Surprise: Government's Secret Reveaed

In his press conference in Yerevan on June 20 the head of the EU Delegation to Armenia Piotr Switalski commented on the scandal around his earlier statement.

Chain's Complete: Last Step Will Be Taken Tomorrow

The National Assembly will discuss the program of the government. The economists have underlined several important things in it.

Lamb with 8 Legs Born in Armavir

Zohrab Khudoyan, a cattle farmer, found out on June 19 that the new-born lamb had 8 legs, 2 tails and 3 eyes.

Officer of Azerbaijani Reconnaissance Died: Razm.info

On June 17 a 32-year-old servicemen of one of the military units of Aghdam, Azerbaijan Ocaxverdiyev Ruslan İlham oğlu died, the opposition website Meydan informed.

Minsk Group Statement

They encouraged the Sides to consider measures that would reduce tensions on the Line of Contact and the international border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

One of Injured Servicemen Had Eye Surgery, Other's State is Critical but Stable

The state of the serviceman who was injured in the result of the Azerbaijani attack and taken to Malayan Center of Ophthalmology is grave.

Another Injured Serviceman Taken to Yerevan From Artsakh

Another wounded serviceman has been transported from Artsakh to Yerevan by helicopter, the head of the intensive care unit of the Central Military Hospital Gayane Hovhannisyan told Civilnet.

Government Promises 12% Cut in Poverty and 25% Increase in Minimum Wage

Today the government has approved the 2017-2022 program which is referred to by the executive as a program that lays down the country’s sustainable development anchored in large-scale reforms.

Interesting Synchronic Act by Rowhani and Serzh Sargsyan

RIA Novosti informed, referring to QNA, that over the weekend the foreign minister of Qatar met with the assistant of the Iranian foreign minister passed to the Emir of Qatar the message of the Iranian president Hassan Rowhani.

Hrachya Harutiunyan Might Be Extradited

The citizen of Armenia Hrachya Harutyunyan who is serving his sentence in a prison in Tambov, Russia will be extradited to Armenia by the end of June.

What Will Happen if Azerbaijan Turns Minsk Group Away?

Azerbaijan has officially claimed responsible for the murder of the Armenian servicemen.

State of Two Armenian Servicemen Injured in Artsakh on June 16 is Grave

The state of the two servicemen injured in Artsakh on June 16 is grave.

A New Death in Artsakh, Answer Will Be Targeted: Artsakh MoD

Following the attacks of the Azerbaijani side at the line of contact yesterday, the enemy again attacked this morning in the northern direction.


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