Mar 25, 2018


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In Artsakh Economic Activity Index Increased by 17.5%

In January-February 2018 the index of economic activity increased by 17.5% in Artsakh.

Armenian Army Controls Nakhijevan's International Airport and Town

“In Nakhijevan we control an area equal to that of Yerevan, including the international airport,” Member of Parliament Mihran Hakobyan, Republican Party, said in an interview with the Armenian Time.

Big Stir over Russian Bread

Last Sunday, infront of the Russian embassy in Yerevan and Consultae in Gyumri, a huge queue lined up for the Russian presidential election.

Building New Reactor Now Isn't Feasible

Construction of a new nuclear reactor in Armenia is not feasible at the moment, the minister of energy infrastructures and natural resources Ashot Manukyan stated in parliament.

Iranian Citizen Tossed Packages with Opium to Armenians Across the Border

Armenpress informed, referring to the National Security Service, that a citizen of Iran went to the Armenia-Iran border in Meghri and tossed two packages with opium.

Latvian Parliament Voted for EU-Armenian Agreement in First Reading

The parliament of Latvia has voted for the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement, Armenpress reported.

Serzh Sargsyan Discharged Another General: Second "Kamikaze" in CSTO

Official confirmation came that Haykaz Baghmanyan has been appointed as deputy chief of CSTO United Staff.

Global Finance names Ardshinbank as the best bank in Armenia 2018

Ardshinbank has been named the Best Bank in Armenia 2018 by Global Finance magazine.

The 26th group of Peace Corps Volunteers arrived to Armenia

Last night 42 American Peace Corps Volunteers have arrived to Armenia. The Volunteers form the 26th group of Peace Corps Volunteers to serve in our country.

Rate of Death Caused by Cancer Tends to Grow

Armenian users of the social media are regularly sharing data from on rate of death from several diseases.

Geneva Motor Show 2018

Majority of Sexual Crimes are Committed Against Children in Armenia

Sona Truzyan, adviser to the chair of the Investigative Committee, has published statistics on sexual crimes.

EaP CSF Armenian National Platform Executive Body and Secretariat Statement

In the last EaP Summit Declaration (Bruxelles, 24.11.2017) the importance for the Eastern Partnership of inclusive engagement with civil society, including through the Civil Society Forum, was reaffirmed.

Hrair Tovmasyan Affirmed as Chair of Constitutional Court

Today the National Assembly affirmed the nomination of Hrair Tovmasyan as chair of the Constitutional Court.

Downward Change of Government: Has Serzh Sargsyan Lost His Nerve?

Serzh Sargsyan’s interview about his prospects for the position of prime minister is interpreted in many different ways.

U.S. Ended Monopoly of Russian Weapons in South Caucasus

Last week the chair of the international committee of the Russian Federal Council announced that after the April war in 2016 Russia drew conclusions and no longer sells weapons to Azerbaijan “in the previous scales”.

Zhirair Sefilyan Was Sentenced to 10.5 Years

On March 20 the Court of Shengavit published the verdict on Zhirair Sefilyan. The case involves seven other people.

Ex-President of France Taken in Custody for Illegal Campaign Funding

The former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been taken into police custody for questioning over allegations of illegal election campaign funding from the regime of the Libyan dictator.

MoD Publishes 7-Year Program of Army Modernization

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia has published the seven-year development program for the Armed Forces. It has been published on the official website of the Armenian defense ministry.

National Assembly to Discuss Nominations for Chair of Constitutional Court

The March 20 agenda of the ongoing four-day session of parliament includes 25 issues, Armenpress informs.

Artsakh Defense Army Downed Azerbaijani Drone

On March 19, at around 6:30 pm the front units of Artsakh Defense Army destroyed an Azerbaijani drone in the northeast (Talish) of the line of contact between the armed forces of Artsakh and Azerbaijan.

Putin Said Russia Doesn't Have Poisoning Means

The Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced that he had learned about the poisoning of the former officer of the Federal Intelligence Service Sergei Skripal from press.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan Donated Prize Car to Rehabilitation Center for Injured Servicemen

Henrikh Mkhitaryan midfielder of Arsenal, has visited the Medical University of Yerevan and met with students and faculty and the university hospital staff.

Artsakh President Visited Armenian Churches in Washington D.C.

On 18 March Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan visited in Washington St. Mary and Holy Cross Armenian Apostolic Churches, was present at the Divine Liturgies held there.

Turks in Afrin Stealing Property of Kurds: Photos

The Turkish forces and pro-Turkish forces in Syria have entered the Kurdish town of Afrin. Press reported that about 250,000 people have left Afrin.

Out of Agenda: Choice Made

The long queue in front of the Russian embassy in Yerevan to vote to the Russian presidential election was among top internet news.

Putin's Victory and A New Record

According to the Russian Central Electoral Committee, based on the count of 99.65% of ballots the incumbent president Putin is the winner of the Russian presidential election.

Has Azerbaijan Agreed to Independence of Karabakh?

The Azerbaijani foreign minister Elmar Mammedyarov has announced that after the presidential elections the negotiations over Karabakh will become more intensive.

First President, Then Husband: What Happened at Russian Embassy in Yerevan

Civilian duty was more important than the marital oath: bride wearing wedding gown first voted in Russian presidential election.

Security Environment of Armenia is Changing

A number of events in March demonstrate the continuing deepening of the crisis in international relations directly affecting the security interests of the Republic of Armenia.


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